HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


The following is an example of a return code mapping file. The line numbers in bold do not belong to the file, but are shown for reference:
1.   # This is an RC mapping file for joblog.
3.   “User * missing ”  = 102
4.   “\*\*\*”  = 103
5.   “User \
6.   * \
7.   missing”  = 102   
In this example:
  • Line 1 is a comment and is not used for mapping.
  • Line 2 is blank and is ignored. All blanks preceding or following a pattern string are ignored, as well as those between the equals sign and the return code value.
  • Line 3 matches every message starting with the string User and ending with the string missing.
  • Line 4 matches every message starting with three asterisks (*) followed by a blank. When you use the asterisk in this way and not as a wildcard, you must escape it with a backslash.
  • Lines 5 through 7 contain a pattern taking several lines. It matches the same messages as the pattern of line 3.