HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining conditions and criteria

HCL Workload Automation accesses the Computer Center Management System (CCMS) Background Processing components of SAP systems through the BC-XBP interface to provide additional capabilities from the Dynamic Workload Console, one of those being the Criteria Manager.

HCL Workload Automation supports the BC-XBP 3.0 interface which provides functions to control R/3 batch jobs.

The Criteria Manager is a tool that enables you to define conditions and criteria that, when combined, form complex dependencies that you can use in the following contexts:
  • Managing raised events in the SAP event history.
  • Managing reorganization tasks against the SAP event history.
  • Intercepting jobs.
If you have other types of criteria defined on your SAP system, then you can perform other actions in addition to those listed in this section.

The criteria profile

The Criteria Manager enables you to define a criteria profile which is a container for a combination of criteria. The criteria profile can be of various types and each criteria type has a standard set of selection criterion. For each criteria, you can specify a single value, a range of values by indicating a lower and upper limit, and multiple values. The following is the standard set of selection criterion for each criteria profile type. In addition to these, you can also see any other types of criteria profiles you have defined on your SAP system:
Event History
The identifier of the event defined in the SAP system.
The parameter of the event defined in the SAP system.
The identifier of the parameter of the event defined in the SAP system.
Event History Reorg
Event State
The state of the event.
Event Timestamp
The timestamp for the event.
Job Name
A name identifying the job.
Job Class
The class assigned to the job that represents the priority with which the job runs in the SAP system.

The criteria hierarchy

You create and combine criteria in a criteria hierarchy. The criteria hierarchy is a set of all the criteria that must be fulfilled for a specific action to take place in the specific context. For example, you can define a criteria hierarchy to log all raised events in the SAP event history with an event name that begins with "CRITICAL_EVENT" and with an event argument equal to 150.

The criteria in the hierarchy is grouped in nodes and relationships between the nodes are determined by the logical operators AND or OR. You can nest nodes in other nodes.

To have the criteria profile begin processing, the criteria profile must be activated. Only one criteria profile of the same type can be active at one time.

An example

See Example: Defining which raised events to log for an example that demonstrates how to build a criteria hierarchy to manage the logging of raised events in the SAP event history.