HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Example: Defining which raised events to log

The event history stores all events that are raised by the system. You can define specific criteria so that only raised events that match certain criteria are logged.

The event history enables HCL Workload Automation to consume events that are raised by the SAP system.

Checking the log of raised events gives you access to the following information:
  • Verify that an event was raised in the system.
  • Verify if the event was processed.

In the example that follows, an event history criteria profile is created that contains the definition of the criteria, the criteria hierarchy, that events must fulfill to be logged in the event history. The criteria profile must then be activated so that it can begin processing events according to the criteria.

The criteria profile, Event profile 1, contains a criteria hierarchy that logs only those events in the event history with event name that begins with CRITICAL_EVENT and event argument equal to "789".