HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Setting SAP R/3 criteria in the job interception criteria profile

Setting criteria to intercept jobs and relaunch them.

About this task

To set the criteria that defines which SAP R/3 jobs to intercept and relaunch with the BC-XBP 3.0 interface using the Dynamic Workload Console, perform the following steps:


  1. In the portfolio, click Administration > Workload Design > Manage SAP Criteria Profiles.
  2. In Workstation name, type the name of the workstation where the SAP job runs. This is the workstation with the r3batch access method that communicates with the remote SAP system. If you do not know the name of the workstation, click the Lookup Workstations icon to enter your filter criteria and click Search. If you enter a string representing part of the workstation name, it must be followed by the asterisk (*) wildcard character. Both the question mark (?) and asterisk (*) are supported as wildcards. You can also simply use the asterisk wildcard character (*) to display all workstations. Optionally, specify any of the other search criteria available and click Search. From the results displayed, select the workstation and click OK.
  3. From the Criteria Manager main view, click New to create a criteria profile.
  4. Select Interception as the type of criteria profile you want to create.
  5. Enter descriptive text that enables you to easily identify the criteria profile in the table of criteria profiles. Avoid using special characters such as, < (less than), > (greater than), or the ' (apostrophe) in this field.
  6. Click Save. The criteria profile is displayed in the list of criteria profiles and it is not yet active.
  7. On the Details tab in the upper-right pane, define the criteria that intercepted jobs must match. For example, to intercept jobs with a job name beginning with "ICP", specify the following criteria:
    1. Click new criteria icon to define a new criterion.
    2. In Description, type Criterion 1.
    3. In JOB NAME, click addition sign icon to add criteria to specify the value for the JOB NAME field.
    4. Leave the default value Select to indicate to use the selection criterion specified when intercepting jobs.
    5. In Options, select Pattern and in Single Value or Lower Limit, type ICP*. This sets the condition for the job name.
    6. Click Save to save the criterion definition.
  8. Define the criteria that must be matched to relaunch intercepted jobs. Click the Job Relaunch Criteria tab.
    1. Click new job relaunch criteria icon to define a new criteria that determines which jobs are relaunched.
    2. In Client, specify the client workstation of the SAP R/3 job.
    3. In Job Name, specify a filter to match a set of SAP R/3 jobs. Use the asterisk (*) wildcard character to match a set of jobs.
    4. In Job Creator, specify a filter to match a set of SAP R/3 job creator. Use the asterisk (*) wildcard character to match a set of jobs.
    5. Optionally, in Job Template, specify the template file that contains instructions for the interception collector about how to run the intercepted SAP R/3 job under control of HCL Workload Automation. For more information about template files, see Using template files.
    6. In Job Class, specify the class assigned to the job that represents the priority with which the job runs on the SAP system.
  9. Click OK.
  10. You can continue to define more criteria and then save the criteria profile.
  11. When you are done defining the criteria, save the criteria profile.
  12. Select the criteria profile and then click Activate from the toolbar.activate icon on toolbar


The status of the criteria profile is updated to show that it is now active. The criteria profile can now begin to intercept jobs according to the specifications of the criteria hierarchy and relaunch them as defined in the HCL Workload Automation job. If another criteria profile of the same criteria type was active, its status changes to inactive.