HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scheduling jobs on HCL Workload Automation from SAP Solution Manager

HCL Workload Automation and SAP Solution Manager are integrated to allow the HCL Workload Automation engine to run the job scheduling tasks available from the Solution Manager user interface.

The integration is provided by the SMSE Adapter, which runs on the master domain manager. The SMSE Adapter uses the SAP Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler (SMSE) interface provided by SAP to enable external schedulers to run the scheduling for Solution Manager.

With this integration, when you schedule a job from the Scheduling panel of Solution Manager, HCL Workload Automation takes charge of the job scheduling, monitoring, and management tasks, as well as of job triggering and notification.

Under these conditions HCL Workload Automation acts as an RFC-Server with a common interface for scheduling jobs. It is identified through an RFC-Destination, registered in the SMSE. The interaction between Solution Manager and HCL Workload Automation is based on a PUSH mechanism implemented by the SMSE interface, whereby the master domain manager responds to requests solicited by the Solution Manager job scheduling functions.

Qualified as external scheduler by Solution Manager, the registered masters, identified by their RFC destination names, can be called or administered from the Process Scheduling Adapter menu item in the Solution Manager GUI.

The jobs scheduled from Solution Manager on HCL Workload Automation must have been previously defined in the HCL Workload Automation database.

A job scheduled from the Schedule Jobs or Job Documentation panels in Solution Manager to be run by HCL Workload Automation, is automatically mapped in a job stream that is expressly created to include the job.