HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


The Job Management Work Center panel of Solution Manager has two entry points for scheduling jobs:
  • The Schedule Jobs item in Common Tasks, a direct way of scheduling, where you pick the job from the HCL Workload Automation database and you set the scheduling options and time definitions.
  • The Job Documentation object, where you can create and edit job documentation, schedule, monitor, and manage jobs.

The jobs scheduled from Solution Manager on HCL Workload Automation must have been previously defined in the HCL Workload Automation database.

A job scheduled from the Schedule Jobs or Job Documentation panels in Solution Manager to be run by HCL Workload Automation, is automatically mapped in a job stream that is expressly created to include the job. The job stream is (automatically) defined in the HCL Workload Automation database with a specific prefix defined in the smseadapter.properties file.