HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


About this task

To configure the z/OS gateway:
  1. Authorize the TWS4APPS.LOADLIB in APF, or copy its contents into another authorized load library. See Setting APF authorizations on z/OS for details.
  2. Add EEWTCP00 to the AUTHCMD list in IKJTSO00 (SYS1.PARMLIB)
  3. Set the RACF® permissions so that the user who will use the gateway can issue the PARMLIB command. See Setting RACF authorizations on z/OS for details.
  4. Make the IKJTSO00 change effective by performing an IPL, or by issuing the following command:
  5. Create a PARMLIB member with the appropriate startup parameters for EEWSPACE and EEWSERVE.
    Note: This member must have the PACK OFF option set in its profile. If PACK ON is set, the started task will end with RC=04.
  6. Copy EEWSPACE and EEWSERVE to the PROCLIB ( from SAMPLIB) and edit it (for example, include STEPLIB, and specify the appropriate PARMLIB member name).
  7. Verify that the TCP/IP port specified in the PARMLIB member is not in use. To do this, issue the following command and review the output:
    If the port is in use, choose another port that is not in use and modify the PARMLIB member.
  8. Ensure that the IEFU84 exit is enabled by checking the SYS1.PARMLIB member SMFPRMxx, or by issuing the following console command:
    D SMF,O
    If the SMFPRMxx member must be changed, to make the changes effective issue the command:
    SET SMF=xx
  9. Set the RACF permissions for the started tasks EEWSPACE and EEWSERVE. For details, see Setting RACF authorizations on z/OS.
  10. Start EEWSPACE.
  11. When EEWSPACE is up, start EEWSERVE.