HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Setting RACF authorizations on z/OS

About this task

This section describes how to set RACF permissions.

To set the RACF permissions to authorize the PARMLIB command to be used by the user "userone", issue the following commands:
rdefine tsoauth parmlib uacc(upd)
permit parmlib class(tsoauth) id(userone) acc(upd)
setropts raclist(tsoauth) refresh
To set the RACF permissions for the started tasks EEWSPACE and EEWSERVE, issue the following commands:
redefine started EEWSPACE.**
   stdata(user(<user_ID>) group(group_name))
redefine started EEWSERVE.**
   stdata(user(<user_ID>) group(group_name))
setropts raclist(started) refresh