HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Revamped graphical views

Enhancements made to the graphical view of your database objects has been extended to the plan to provide a consistent view and user experience.

Consistent views and revamped user experience across graphical views: Job Stream View, Preproduction Plan View, Show Plan View, Modelling Graphical View
Simple shapes to easily identify objects have been used, new icons to improve the interaction and quickly identify actions have been created, new colors and background to better visualize the objects have been applied.
Merge Impact View with the Job Stream View to provide a more comprehensive view for monitoring and recovery actions
In previous releases the Impact View and Job Stream View were provided as separate views to monitor the progress of your job streams in the plan. With this release, the Impact View has been merged with the Job Stream View to provide a single view from where you can analyze one or more job streams, jobs, dependencies and also analyze the impact a job stream and its jobs can have on the rest of the plan. This view is available in both distributed and z/OS environments.
Automatic refresh in Job Stream View
In previous releases, any actions performed in this view that affect the plan required a manual refresh of the view using the Refresh option. With this release, the view is automatically refreshed so that the information is always up-to-date. The automatic refresh is supported only on connections to engines at the Version 9.4 Fix Pack 1 level or later.
Persistent layout
The flexibility of the layout of the graphical view from the Workload Designer in distributed environments enables you to reposition objects in whichever way is most useful or meaningful for you. If you save your layout in the Workload Designer, the same layout or positioning is maintained when you open the same job stream in the Job Stream View.

For more information see Graphical views in the plan and Graphical View - modelling. To display a graphical representation of the plan, see Display a graphical plan view. You can also display a graphical representation of the preproduction plan, see Display a graphical preproduction plan.

See the videos: Dynamic Workload Console Graphical Views Revamped and Ensuring Workload Automation operation continuity 24/7 on the Workload Automation YouTube channel. More videos are available for the features released with V9.4 FP1 on this dedicated playlist: Workload Scheduler v9.4, Fix Pack 1.