HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Managing dashboards

Creating, editing and deleting dashboards.

Before you begin

To manage dashboards, you must have the following role:
Required role
TWSWEBUIAdministrator, TWSWEBUIBusinessDeveloper

About this task

To start working with Self-Service Dashboards, you can define dashboards that are associated to HCL Workload Automation jobs or workstations, or use dashboards created by other users to which you have been given access. Dashboards, in the context of the Self-Service Dashboards app, correspond to filters that query on jobs and workstations that you want to monitor, to produce a list of results in a dashboard that can be further filtered to display more details.

Dashboards are associated to Dashboard Application Services Hub roles, so that only users having those roles can see and use them. Tap User, in the top right corner, to display details about your user name and roles. Complete the following steps to create and manage dashboards:


  1. Create dashboards, which are associated to the HCL Workload Automation jobs or workstations, as described in Defining a new dashboard.
  2. Optionally, at any time, you can modify the created dashboards. For example, when editing a dashboards, you can change the engine and job or workstation associated to it.
  3. From the Dynamic Workload Console, associate the users who are going to use Self-Service Dashboards to Dashboard Application Services Hub roles to allow them to access the application.
  4. To access and display information about the current plan associated with an engine in Self-Service Dashboards UI, ensure you have selected the Show in dashboard check box in the Engine Connection Properties in the Manage Engines portlet on the Dynamic Workload Console.
  5. From the Manage Engines page on the Dynamic Workload Console, share the engines used to run the dashboards, with the Dashboard Application Services Hub roles associated to those dashboards, to allow these users to actually view the dashboards.
  6. Associate dashboards to Dashboard Application Services Hub roles to allow only the required users to see and use them, as described in Defining users and roles.