HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining users and roles

Define and manage users and associate them to security roles.

About this task

Access to Self-Service Dashboards is based on roles. Users having a specific role can access the services assigned to that role.
To create and assign roles, log in to Dashboard Application Services Hub and run the following steps:
  1. From the navigation toolbar, click the search glass icon, on top of the toolbar. In the search field, enter WebSphere Administrative Console to open the administrative console.
  2. Click Launch WebSphere administrative console.
  3. From the administrative console navigation tree, click Users and Groups > Manage users to create a new user on the file registry (do not create it on the operative system).
For more information about creating and assigning roles, see the Dashboard Application Services Hub online help by clicking the "?" (question mark) in top-right corner of the panels.


  1. From the Dynamic Workload Console, define the roles that can access the services.
  2. Include these roles in the groups to which the engines on which you plan to create services are shared. Only services defined on shared engines are available for Self-Service Dashboards users.
  3. Ensure that the credentials of these engines are shared.
  4. From the Self-Service Dashboards application on your mobile, associate the required roles to services, as described in Authorizing users to access dashboards.