HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Accessing and exiting the Self-Service Catalog

You can use your mobile device to submit service requests and monitor their outcome and details.

About this task

Required role
TWSWEBUIAdministrator, TWSWEBUIBusinessDeveloper
  • To launch the Self-Service Catalog from your mobile device or desktop browser, specify the following URL:
    where host_name and port_number are the host name and port number of the Dynamic Workload Console you are connecting to. Enter the credentials to access the Dynamic Workload Console you are connecting to.

    You can launch the Self-Service Catalog also from the Single Entry Point page.

    For details see HCL Workload Automation user interfaces.

  • To log out of the Self-Service Catalog, from the home page, tap User > Logout, as shown in the following figure, and close the browser:
    log out panel
    Note: With Android devices, after exiting the Self-Service Catalog, you must also clear the ram memory using the task manager application, otherwise the browser is not actually closed and current Self-Service Catalog session remains active.

As you can see, when you tap User you can also see your roles and, as a consequence, actions and objects for which you are authorized. For more information about roles, see: Authorizing users to access catalogs and services.