HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Submitting service requests

You can use your mobile to submit service requests and monitor the outcome and details. Service requests correspond to job streams in your HCL Workload Automation environment.

Before you begin

To submit a request you must launch the Self-Service Catalog using a web browser:
Required role
TWSWEBUIAdministrator, TWSWEBUIBusinessDeveloper
Required role
To submit a service to an engine, you must have at least one role that is associated to the group to which the engine is shared on the Dynamic Workload Console. For example: user1 with role1 can submit a service on engine1 which, on the Dynamic Workload Console, is shared to group1, to which role1 is associated.

For more information, see Defining users and roles.

About this task

To submit service requests using the Self-Service Catalog, perform the following steps:


  1. Tap the Self-Service Catalog section Self-Service Catalog section to launch the application.
  2. Tap the Catalogs section to display a list of available catalogs. A catalog is a container of services.
  3. Tap a catalog to view the services it contains, and choose the service you want to submit.
  4. Provide values for additional parameters for the service from the Service Parameters page before you submit the service. If no parameters were defined for the service when it was created, then you see only the priority parameter which is an optional parameter.
    1. Provide a value for each of the parameters listed on the Service Parameters page. An icon to the left of the input field indicates the format of the value. Possible formats are: a text string, a date, a number, a time, a boolean type value, and a custom defined regular expression.
    2. If a priority was not assigned when the service was created, you can optionally assign a priority to your request by tapping Priority and selecting a value from the list, where Premium is the highest priority and Bronze is the lowest priority. These values match HCL Workload Automation priority values; for example, service requests with a Premium priority are launched as soon as their dependencies are satisfied, in the same way as HCL Workload Automation jobs with GO priority.
  5. Tap Submit to launch the service request.


The service starts according to its priority settings and a progress bar is displayed on the home page. The job stream defined in the service is submitted to be run.

What to do next

You can track the progress of the service submission and the view the details of the request from the Request History section on the home page. See Viewing the Request History.