HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Disabling the automatic generation of LTPA token_keys

About this task

Disable the automatic generation of LTPA token_keys if you are enabling Single Sign-On. You must disable the generation of the keys at both ends of the communication, in other words, at the Dynamic Workload Console, and at the engine of HCL Workload Automation or dynamic workload broker, as appropriate:
At the Dynamic Workload Console
  1. Log in to Dynamic Workload Console.
  2. Click Settings > WebSphere® Administrative Console > Launch WebSphere > Administrative Console.
  3. On WebSphere Administrative Console, click SSL certificate and key management.
  4. Click the Key set groups link.
  5. Click the name of the key set group displayed in the list.
  6. Clear the Automatically generate keys check box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Check in the list that the field Automatically generate keys beside the available key set group is set to false.
At HCL Workload Automation
The implementation of the WebSphere Application Server on the HCL Workload Automation engine includes a limited functionality version of the Integrated Solutions Console. Use this portal to disable the automatic generation of LTPA token_keys, as follows:
  1. Connect to the Integrated Solutions Console from an Internet browser, using the following URL:
    Use the showHostProperties tool to identify the WAS_admin_host_port (default 31123) or WAS_admin_host_secure_port (default 31124), as appropriate. For more information about this tool, refer to Application server - using the utilities that change the properties.
  2. Perform the procedure you used above to disable the token-keys generation for the Dynamic Workload Console, starting from step 2.