HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Customizing the SSL connection for a command-line client

About this task

HCL Workload Automation command-line clients connect to the connector through HTTP or HTTPS. The default connection type is HTTPS. If the command-line connects through a proxy, use the HTTP connection protocol as HTTPS is not supported for this type of configuration.

You configure the connection protocol as described in Configuring command-line client access authentication. If you have previously not been using SSL for the command line client access, you will need to change at least the following parameters:
Specify the IP address or the server name for the proxy server.
proxy port
Specify the listening port of the proxy server.
Specify the protocol type as HTTP or HTTPS.
Specify the port required by the protocol you set in the protocol option. The default is 31115 for HTTP and 31116 for HTTPS.
The HTTPS connection protocol offers the following additional security features:
  • Data encryption between the command-line utility and the connector
  • Optional server authentication by validating the server certificates