HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Supported configurations

This section describes the HACMP™ architecture that was set up for the test environment followed by in-depth scenario descriptions.

For the scenarios, the following resources were defined:

  • 2 nodes
  • 3 shared disks
  • 1 volume group
  • 1 application server
  • 1 service IP address
  • 1 resource group

The Heartbeat on was also configured on Disk.

The Application Server contains the definition of the start_tws.sh and stop_tws.sh scripts that are described in detail in each section and that must be created on both nodes.

The start_tws.sh and stop_tws.sh scripts are located in TWA_home/TWS/config and you must customize them by setting the DB2_INST_USER parameter. After customizing the scripts, move them to another directory because any later release or fix pack overwrites them.

The Ethernet configuration we implemented is the IP Replacement, to have 1 boot address for each node and the Service IP address replaces the active one. In this configuration, the boot address of the active node can no longer be reached so, to avoid problems during the HCL Workload Automation installation, we configured an alias on the Ethernet network interface with the value of the boot address itself. Using the IP Aliasing configuration this additional step is unnecessary.

The following HACMP scenarios are supported with HCL Workload Automation:

As an additional scenario we can also consider the possibility to have on the Master Domain Manager a local or a remote DB2 instance.