HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring agents in NetView

About this task

To change the configuration of IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView agents in NetView®, follow these steps:
  1. Move down the IP Internet tree to the IP Segment submap showing all the nodes.
  2. Select a node where a IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView agent is running. Enter Ctrl-O to open the Object Description panel.
  3. In the Object Description panel, select Maestro - Unison Software(c) from the Object Attributes list.
  4. Click View/Modify Object Attributes.
  5. On the Attributes for Object panel:
    1. To ignore this agent altogether, click False under Does a Maestro agent exist on this cpu?.
    2. To change the rate at which mdemon polls this agent, enter the number of seconds under Enter the number of seconds between polling. If this number is other than zero, it overrides the rate defined for the mdemon process (see Manager polling rate).
    3. To close the Attributes for Object panel, click Verify and then OK.
  6. To close the Object Description panel, click OK.