HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Manager polling rate

About this task

The mdemon manager polls its agents to retrieve status information about the managed nodes. The rate is defined in the file /usr/OV/lrf/Mae.mgmt.lrf on the management node. Unless otherwise specified, the polling rate defaults to 60 seconds.

To change the rate:
  1. Edit the file to add the -timeout option to the mdemon command line. For example, to change the rate to 120 seconds, make the following change:
    Unison_Software_Maestro_Manager: <TWShome>/bin/mdemon:
  2. After making a change, delete the old registration by running the ovdelobj command.
  3. Register the manager by running the ovaddobj command and supplying the name of the lrf file.

For more information, review the man pages for ovaddobj(8) and lrf(4). See also Configuring agents in NetView.