HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Procedure to upgrade the HCL Workload Automation SQL schema on Informix

Before upgrading the HCL Workload Automation database, complete the following steps:
  1. Do not change the master domain manager workstation name (the This workstation name field in the HCL Workload Automation master configuration panel when you install HCL Workload Automation) from the previous installation, otherwise the migration of the database will end with errors. If you want to change this name, do so after the completion of the upgrade process.
  2. If your database is based on a database space less than 8K, you must run the following steps to increase the DBSPACE to 8K before you upgrade the HCL Workload Automation schema.
    1. Take a LEVEL 0 backup of the database for security.
    2. Run the dbexport command to unload the database to a text file while you increase the DBSPACE. Run the command with the -ss option. For example:
      dbexport -d <tws_db_name> -ss -o <path_to_export>
    3. Run the onspaces command to create a DBSPACE with a page size of at least 8K. For example:
      onspaces -c -d DBSPNAME -k 8 -p /usr4/dbspaces/DBSPNAME 
               -o 0 -s 80000
    4. Drop or rename the existing database.
    5. Run the dbimport command to recreate the database, making sure you specify the new 8K (or greater) DBSPACE as well as the -ansi option. For example:
      dbimport <tws_db_name> -d DBSPNAME -ansi -l -i <path_of_exported_db>
  3. Verify the current Informix Dynamic Server properties file, and generate the SQL files for the upgrade:
    1. Verify the current properties file and customize the SQL properties with the values that best fit your needs. See Customizing the properties file for Informix Dynamic Server.
    2. Generate the SQL files. See Generating the SQL files on Informix.
To upgrade the HCL Workload Automation database, complete the following steps:
  1. Log on as root on your Linux system and go to the following directory:

    Where TWSTEMPDIR is the directory you specified in the TWSTEMPDIR property of the configuration file.

  2. Run the following command:
    The IP address or host name of the workstation where Informix Dynamic Server is installed.
    The TCP/IP port number that the remote Informix Dynamic Server instance uses to communicate.
    The user name of the database administrator that has access to the HCL Workload Automation schema on the database.
    The password of the database administrator user. It must comply with the Informix Dynamic Server naming rules.
    The name of the database that you are upgrading.
    Specify TRUE if you used fragmentation on the previous version of the database. Otherwise, specify FALSE.