HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


As shown in the EELFLWAS member of the SEELSAMP library, the following format is supported for the parameter of the EXEC statement that specifies PGM=EELFLWAT:

//FLWATCH  EXEC PGM=EQQFLWAT,PARM='ENVAR()/-c condval  -dea deadline 
//   -fi file_path -i interval -r rc -t trace_level
Consider that:
  • No continuation character is used. To continue the PARM field, interrupt it at column 72 and continue in column 16 of the next card.
  • Separate arguments and values by using a blank character.
  • Use ENVAR() to pass environment variables to EELFLWAT.
  • EELFLWAT returns messages and trace information (if required) in the log of the job used to run the utility. If you use the job log retrieval function, set to Y the User Sysout field in the cleanup options at operation level, both in the database and current plan.
  • The arguments are not positional.
  • You can use an abbreviated format for all the arguments. Generally you can truncate the arguments to any position following the first character, except for deadline that requires at least three characters.