HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

HFS or ZFS file triggering

APAR PI09318 provides you with a file watching utility. After installing the APAR, you find this utility as load-module EELFLWAT in the SEELLMD0 library. You can use it to check for file system changes of HFS or ZFS files and directories, for example when you want to make sure that a file exists before running a job that processes that file. By defining a job that runs this utility, you can implement file dependency, that is a relationship between a file and an operation in which specific activity on the file determines the starting of the operation. For example, you can define the job that runs EELFLWAT as predecessor of the operation depending on the file.

The user running EELFLWAT must have execute (x) access to the directory path that contains files to be monitored.

The SEELSAMP library contains EELFLWAS member as sample JCL to call the file watching utility.