HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Starting the agent and checking the connection

The first step to verify that the installation was successful is to start the agent and check that it connects with the specified dynamic workload broker of HCL Workload Automation.

To start the agent for z/OS, use the z/OS® START command using the subsystem or started task name you defined for the agent in the EELINST panels.

As the agent starts and successfully connects with dynamic workload broker, the Agent open for ebusiness message is displayed on the z/OS console.

The first time that the agent starts and connects successfully with the dynamic workload broker of which you provided hostname and port in the HTTOPTS initialization statement, it is automatically defined in the HCL Workload Automation database with workstation name:
subsystem name-system name
subsystem name
Is the name of the z/OS started task that starts the agent.
system name
Is the name of the z/OS system.

You can now use this workstation name to design, submit, and monitor workload for z/OS. For more details, see Computer and workstation names of the agent.