Customizing the list of notification recipients

How to customize the list of recipients of the news notification beacon, by specifying who must receive what kind of notification or communication.

Before you begin

You must have TWSWEBUIAdministrator role or writing rights on the system where Dynamic Workload Console is installed.

About this task

By default, the news notification is enabled for all users to all the categories, however, optionally, the TWSWEBUIAdministrator can customize this behavior specifying which user roles must receive all the notifications and internal communications, or only some of them or even none. You can send multiple feeds, containing different communications, addressed to different recipients by customizing the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file and providing multiple feeds, as explained in Sending internal communications.

For example, often operators do not need to have information about new patches and fix packs to be installed or about product events. Analysts are only interested in information and updates about reporting. Whereas, Administrators want to receive all notifications (and, optionally, force the default settings and send a notification to those who are normally excluded from a category).


Customize the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file to specify the news categories that must be notified to users, based on their roles.

You can find a copy of this file also on the installation media in the directory /utilities/TdwcGlobalSettings.xml.

The TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file is organized into several sections that can be repeated multiple times in the same file and applied differently to different user roles. Therefore, to customize a behavior based on the user role, uncomment the section corresponding to the user role and include the sections that must apply to this role.

The Disable and customize NewsFeed function section contains the configuration details regarding the notification beacon. Therefore, for example, to enable the notifications of specific categories only to a specific user role, you can insert a section like the following:

<settings role="TWSWEBUIAdministrator">
<property name="NewsFeed" type="RSS" value="
RSS_administrators.xml" />
<property name="NewsFeedCategory" value="Administrators" 
administrator.png" />
<settings role="TWSWEBUIOperator">
<property name="NewsFeed" type="RSS" value="
/RSS_operators.xml" />
<property name="NewsFeedCategory" value="Operators" 
icon="" />


If no customized feed is specified, the default feed is used, which retrieves the latest product information from official support sites. To disable any notification, comment the entire section. To disable only external notifications about product information updates, assign an empty string as value to the FeedURL property of JSONP feed like:
  <property name="FeedURL" type="JSONP" value="" />