Using the news notification beacon

How to be always up to date with the latest news and information about the product and receive internal communications from the environment administrator.

About this task

A beacon appears on your screen when an update for the product or an internal communication from the administrator is made available. Click the beacon to open a pop-up that describes the update and gives you a direct link to it.
Update and news notifications relate to different topics, belonging to categories, such as:
  • APARs
  • Fixes and utilities
  • News
  • Technotes
  • Product documentation and publications
  • Internal communications

By default, the news notification is enabled for all users to all the categories, however, optionally, the TWSWEBUIAdministrator can customize this behavior specifying which user roles must receive all the notifications or only some of them or even none. For more information, see: Disable and customize NewsFeed function.

The news notification is enabled by default, however, to unsubscribe from all the news, or only form the displayed news category, you can select the related check-box in the news pop-up.

In the pop-up window that displays the latest news, you can also navigate through past news and notifications and provide your feedback on a piece of news through a feedback form.

If you have TWSWEBUIAdministrator role or writing rights on the system where Dynamic Workload Console, is installed, you can add multiple NewsFeed sections in the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file to transmit different notifications to different user roles. For more information, see Sending internal communications.