HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Determining the actions to take

Consult Table 1 to determine which actions you need to perform for a change of password:
Table 1. Password change actions
  TWS instance owner (Windows only) WebSphere Application Server user Database user Streamlogon user (Windows only)
Action 1 - change the WebSphere Application Server user ID password   ✓ (1)    
Action 2 - change password used by command-line clients to access the master domain manager      
Action 3 - change password used by fault-tolerant agent systems to access the master domain manager (for conman)      
Action 4 - update the engine connection parameters in the GUIs      
Action 5 - change the j2c user ID password     ✓ (1)  
Action 6 - update SOAP properties      
The following step only applies to passwords of users on Windows computers
Action 7 - Windows - update Windows services    
Action 8 - change the HCL Workload Automation user definition      
  1. If the user is both the WebSphere Application Server user and the database user, the changes made by running changeSecurityProperties can be performed as one action, modifying both passwords with the same value.