HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

mdemon synopsis

mdemon [-timeout <secs>] [-pmd] [-port <port>] [-retry <secs>]

The rate at which agents are polled, expressed in seconds. The default is 60 seconds. See Manager polling rate and Configuring agents in NetView for more information about changing the rate.
This option causes mdemon to run under NetView® pmd (Port Map Demon). Otherwise, it must be run manually. This option is included by default in the file /usr/OV/lrf/Mae.mgmt.lrf file.
For HP-UX agents only. This identifies the port address on the managed nodes on which the HP-UX agents will respond. The default is 31112.
The period of time mdemon waits before trying to reconnect to a non-responding agent. The default is 600 seconds.