HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining and managing generic branch jobs

HCL Workload Automation provides you with a broad range of scheduling functions. You can extend these functions for specific needs by using an additional custom-made solution, named generic branch job.

For information about how to use this solution, see the following sections:

Note: The generic branch job is not a native part of HCL Workload Automation but is supported by HCL Software Support. It is provided with messages only in English and has specific naming convention rules (for detailed information, see Placing the branch job into the job stream.

You are strongly recommended to use the branch job in your testing environment first. The same recommendation is valid also for the sample scenarios. Only after you produce an error-free run of the branch job or sample scenario should you move to the production environment.

Alternatively, if you have the necessity to define alternative flows based on different outcomes of a predecessor job or job stream, you can take advantage of conditional dependencies. For more information see Applying conditional branching logic.